Winter Weather Makes Roads Dangerous, Sheriff Haken Has Advice

Tue 11-29-2022

(Jackson)- The winter weather today is a good time to talk about road safety as they get more slippery and more dangerous. Sheriff Shawn Haken of the Jackson County Sheriff's Department notes that you should have a winter safety kit in your car at all times...

Haken 1 

“You'll be quite happy that you've got it, those kits basically you can break them down into two categories, there's a clothing category. Basically with that everyone should have an extra layer of clothing in your vehicle, that would include extra stocking cap, extra boots, extra gloves, a winter jacket and at least one blanket maybe even a couple. If you've got that extra layer of clothing you'll be glad you had it, and don't forget about your passengers.

The other category is kind of a miscellaneous category and you should have a set of jumper cables in your vehicle, in the winter your batteries are more apt to cause you some problems. A good ice scraper is another important piece of equipment to have and don't forget your cellphone charger.”

Another piece of advice is to make sure your gas tank is always at least half full, it will add weight to your car as well as keeping it running should you need to wait for crews to rescue you if you go off the road. Make sure if your car is running while in the ditch that the exhaust pipe is not covered up! If you get in a winter weather emergency on the road, call 911.