Windom Tegels Park Shelter Receives Large Donation From HyLife

Tue 9-13-2022

(Windom)- The Tegels Park shelter is still coming up in Windom, and now the project looks to be in full swing with a $40,000 donation to the project bringing funds up to $200,000 from $160,000 in August.

The large amount was given by HyLife during Windom Fun Days at the Cottonwood Fairgrounds, and this will drastically help the Windom Lions Club get towards their financial goal. That being said, the Lions still need just about $50,000 to fully finish the shelter in the park, and members hope that the donations continue as the building continues to go up in Tegels Park.

If you'd like to donate you can always contact a Windom Lions Club member or visit Windom City Hall for more information.