Windom Schools Out For 10 Days Due To Sickness

Thu 1-13-2022

Another school is taking a break from classes to combat the increasing Covid-19 cases. Windom Schools will be taking a 10-day break starting this Friday.

In the letter that Superintendent Wayne Wormstadt released, safety was stressed. Here are some of the specifics.

Wormstadt says every day of school there was between 10-15% of the staff of schools out sick, saying it is impossible to function effectively in education with those numbers. He also noted that Covid-19 was not the only sickness heavily impacting school functions, with Influenza and RSV being noted.

Friday January 14th the school will be closed, Monday the 17th will see a staff development day with no students or distance learning, the 18th-20th will see Pre-k through 12th grade go to distance learning and Friday of that week will see a day off as previously scheduled. There will still be normal evening activities.