WeAreOneJackson generates over $11K in revenue for Jackson businesses

Mon 5-18-2020

KKOJ radio teamed up with the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce last week to present WeAreOneJackson – A Live Radio Event to help support area businesses being affected by the current pandemic.

Jackson Chamber Director Corey Christopher says event grew from the initial concept…Corey event cut 1 

“We started out with a little bit of a vision, and that vision kind of changed as we went and it grew and we needed a lot of support because it ended up being a very large thing that we created, and it was a lot of fun.  And what we ended up with was a really, really fun, good final product that benefited a lot of people.”


Christopher says the final results were beyond anything they could have imagined…Corey event cut 2 

“But I am very, very happy and pleased to announce that that evening, on Wednesday night, we sold well over 400 gift certificates from the community businesses in Jackson.  So, if you would have said before we started that we would have that kind of results, I would probably not have believed you.  We’re still putting the finishing touches, but those 400 and some odd gift certificates are going to equate to a financial impact of what we believe to be over $11,000 for the night.”


All in All, Christopher said the event was a lot of fun…Corey event cut 3 

“It was so much fun to sit in the studio that night and know that when we asked a trivia question, or when we put up some gift certificates for sale, and you could hear the phones just ringing off the hook, that was really a unique and fun experience because we know that, as we look back, we had an awful lot of people that were listening, and that certainly wouldn’t have been possible without that.”


There were 14 businesses that sold certificates during the event, and over 40 different businesses were involved in some way.