Water Levels on Area Lakes Are Low

Thu 7-1-2021

(Jackson) The 4th of July is almost here and its definitely a very busy holiday out on the area lakes. Jackson County Sheriff Shawn Haken warns people to stay alert when on the water as the area lakes are very low. Haken talks about one specific spot on Little Spirit Lake. 7-1-21 Haken cut 1 

"In the North part of the lake though there is a rock pile. You can't miss it. We mark it every year with buoys. There's probably 6 or 7 buoys that mark it. When water levels are high you don't even see that rock pile. But obviously we still mark it because its something that you do not want to try to take a boat over. But you get a year like this year and half that rock pile is exposed. So you can see it but what some folks might not realize is that rock pile still extends under water for a long ways, hundreds of feet. That's a really big rock pile"

Another spot is on Loon Lake. 7-1-21 Haken cut 2 

"There's an island down on the south end of the lake and you can see it if you're in Robertson or Brown Park. You can see it from county road 4 as well. Its got a sandbar that connects the island to the big t dock off of Robertson park. We mark that one every year with buoys but that one is really low as well. That whole bay down there I would highly suggest not skiing or tubing down there at all. It's probably only about 3 feet deep right now. That's another one if you try to get between the island and Robertson park you're going to beat your boat. You're gonna have to hop out and push yourself out of there." 

Haken says if you are tubing or skiing on any of the area lakes you should stay away from the shoreline. Haken also says if you plan on shooting off fireworks be careful and use common sense.