US Senator Amy Klobuchar Visits Jackson Airport

Mon 9-18-2023

(Jackson)- Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar visited Jackson on Saturday, to see the construction and progress at the Jackson Airport. She was pleased to see how it was coming along, and was happy the federal government was able to give around $9 million to the project, which, thanks to low bids, was able to see the new construction done with concrete, which will last at least 50 years. It was also a working meeting, as Klobuchar came to address any issues that had arisen during the process, including the runway needing to be apparently tested, but that test date has been pushed back multiple times and the airport shows up as closed, which could cause potential medical disasters during the winter. Klobuchar said the current long process to get approved should be taken another look at...

Klobuchar Quote 

“What's interesting about it is you'd have areas of the countries that are much more barren and extreme, and then they couldn't do that because you'd have no emergency thing, as inconvenient as this is there are surroundings but this cant be the way they do it, because you'd have them closed down for months so that's why we should look into it. It's crazy, they should have a temporary status.”

Legislature on the matter might be a little while away, but she was happy to see the progress on the runway project, with planes coming in during the meeting. She says infrastructure projects like this can be the heart of a healthy city in greater Minnesota, and Mayor Marcus Polz agreed, saying that numerous businesses around the area use the airport for business travel and more.

The group of five from the city and county and Klobuchar also spoke about business, visas, housing, and more during what the group said was a constructive meeting on Saturday.