Update on i90 Road Construction Projects

Wed 8-4-2021

(Jackson) The Clear Lake and Des Moines rest areas on i90 are getting an overhaul. The work is being done in two phases. Phase one includes replacing the buildings with new handicapped accessible facilities. The second phase will include new exterior lighting and pavement and also expansion of the parking lots.

According to the Minnesota DOT, starting on Monday August 9th the Clear Lake Rest Area will be closed for reconstruction of the parking lots and ramps. Paving of the westbound Des Moines rest area is scheduled for 2022. These two facilities have been under reconstruction since June of 2020. The Clear Lake building and grounds are expected to be open to the public in mid-November and the Des Moines rest area is expected to reopen to the public by mid-October.

Updates on other projects for Jackson county include the Mill and overlay on 11 miles of i90 that started in early June is expected to be complete in October. Highway 91 near Adrian opened to traffic and detours were removed as the project to replace the bridge over i90 is now complete. They also replaced guardrails and did updates to the drainage system

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