Upcoming Elections Open Filing Period

Thu 8-4-2022

(Jackson)- Both the Jackson City Council and Jackson County Central School Board have their filing periods open for those who would like to run for a seat.

For the city council, a few members will not be seeking reelection, Dave Cushman of Ward 2, and the mayor himself, Wayne Walter. Other seats are up for election as well, including a four year first ward seat held currently by Jerome Palmer, as well as a two year term seat in the first ward held by Michael More.

Terms of Nathan Peterson and the previously mentioned Cushman are set to expire in Ward 2 as well.

On the school board side of things, three seats with four year terms are up for grabs, those of Rhonda Moore, Eric Kruger and Brand Anderson will be expiring. Paperwork for those seats are available at the JCC High School head office. To be on the school board you must be 21 or older, be a resident of the school district for at least 30 days, and pay the $2 filing fee.

For city council, paperwork is available at the Jackson City Hall, not currently be an employee of the city, be a resident of Jackson for 30 days as well as a bona fide resident of the ward of which you are running, and pay the filing fee of $4.