Three Waters Wind Gives Update At Commissioner's Meeting

Wed 5-17-2023

(Jackson)-Three Waters Wind gave an update at this week's Jackson County Commissioner meeting with Clay Cameron coming in to talk about where the project was in terms of completion and getting construction going. Cameron said that while the group was originally going to file their application with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission last December, that the application has been pushed back to August of this year...

Clay Cameron 1 

“We had an opportunity to go back and increase the project size a little bit. We're hoping that at some point when we get the final application here in August of this year that it will be somewhere between 200 and maybe 230 megawatts.”

Some questions were asked by commissioners about whether this project would be impacted by other projects in the county which have already been finished and can have a hard time with the large amount of electricity they have. Cameron said their system is on a different type of connection from the current MISO connections many of those windmills are on.