Sun And Fun Summer Kickoff Is Less Than Two Weeks Away

Wed 5-24-2023

(Jackson)- Jackson will see a new event in a little less than two weeks, with the Sun and Fun event, thought up by the Jackson Chamber of Commerce and supported by lots of local businesses and groups. Megan Heser with the Chamber says they are very appreciative of all the support, and all the events have been fun to set up. The New Fashion Pork Backyard BBQ Contest is definitely one to keep an eye on...

Heser 1 

“First thing to talk about is it's a thousand dollars to win this, just for our small little community, so we're pretty excited on this we're looking for more people we did extend the deadline to May 31st.”

They'll also have a car show, a bags tournament, which you can still sign up for, and the big concert is Slamabama at the Jackson Motorplex...

Heser 2 

“Slamabama has some amazing followers, they have a huge range of music, they are very very good I highly recommend people go look them up on Youtube or Facebook, they seriously are so good, and in the Midwest area they are well known they are from the south but they are pretty awesome what they do with their shows is a lot different from what we're used to in our area, but it's a good different.”

To sign up for that BBQ contest, or for any other information call the chamber at 507-847-3867 or reach out to them on their Facebook page.