Summerfest In Lakefield Hopes To "Burst The Stigma" Around Mental Health

Wed 6-15-2022

(Lakefield)- Summerfest is coming up in Lakefield this weekend, and one of the main draws to the event is always the parade. This year there will be a special twist on the parade, with an event dubbed “Burst The Stigma.” Set up by the Lakefield Police and supported by DVHHS, those groups will be handing out bubble wands before the parade for people to blow after the U.S. Flag passes in the parade to help burst the stigma on mental health. Roger Pohlman, Lakefield Police Chief, tells us more...

Pohlman 1 

I just feel it's important that we do something to get education out there to negate the stigma and to get people to open up. Either talk to a close friend or in a more severe case maybe reach out to a doctor or a therapist to talk to and not feel ashamed about that because, as I've noted in my life, everybody goes through some type of mood changes or feeling down, some are more severe than others but they're all kind of related to that, to your mental health.”

Look for DVHHS members or police officers to get some bubbles and be a part of the bubble blowing event this Saturday at 2:00 pm during the Summerfest Parade in Lakefield!