State Fire Marshall's Office Shuts Down Part of Econo Lodge in Jackson

Thu 10-7-2021

(Jackson) The State Fire Marshall's Office has shut down a portion of the Econo Lodge in Jackson. The hotel was inspected after it was featured in a YouTube video back in July. The video showed rundown parts of the hotel and also numerous health hazards within the room the creators of the video were staying in. The shutdown was due to a lack of carbon monoxide alarms in guest rooms, hazards in the pool area and several other issues. There were at least 10 infractions identified on the State Fire Marshal's inspection. According to Harry Jenness, who provides building inspection services for the City of Jackson, there were only 3 infractions corrected as of late September. The city will monitor the situation at the hotel and the state will come back to reinspect to see if the hotel has complied with the orders otherwise further disciplinary action will be taken.