Sibley Iowa Train Derailment

Mon 5-17-2021

Some residents of Sibley that were evacuated immediately following Sunday's train derailment are being allowed to return to their homes. The evacuation order remains in place for others, primarily in the immediate vicinity of where the derailment took place. You can see a map of the area that remains evacuated by clicking here. (The area highlighted in yellow is where the evacuation order remains in place).

Union Pacific Railroad has established an account at McDonalds and Hy-Vee in Sheldon for those who remain out of their homes.

The railroad has also established a special number for the affected residents. It's 1-877-2567, option 1.

No injuries were reported when 47 cars of the train derailed as it was crossing a bridge on the south edge of Sibley Sunday afternoon. 

The derailment was reportedly caused by a bridge that failed. Officials with Union Pacific meanwhile say the derailment is under investigation.