Shop With A Cop On This Year For The Sherburn Welcome Police Department

Mon 11-20-2023

(Sherburn)- The Shop with a Cop Program for the Sherburn/Welcome Police Department has put out a news release saying that the department is partnering with the Welcome Fire Department to host this year's event.

Last year the event was not held, and they say that funds from last year will be used for this year. They're asking for new donations this year to be sent in by December 1st so they have time to get everything in order, and donations are being processed by the Welcome Fire Relief Association, if you wish to donate, make sure the checks are payable to that association. If they are not payable to the Welcome Fire Relief Association they cannot be processed.

Send your contribution to the Welcome Fire Department at 103 Campbell Street, or give the department a call and they'll come pick it up from you.