Senator Rosen prepares for 2021 budget process

Thu 2-11-2021

The 2021 Minnesota Legislative session is in its second month and things are different at the Capital this year.  State Senator Julie Rosen remains the chair of the Senate Finance Committee and will be busy this session with the budget bill.  While Governor Tim Walz has already unveiled his budget proposal, the Senate will wait until the latest forecast comes out later this month…Rosen Budget Feb 11 cut 1

“February forecast, which we will base our budget on, comes out on February 25th I believe, February 25th or 26th.  That’s when we’ll start setting our targets and basing our budget on.  To me, that’s why you have a budget reserve.  This is our rainy day fund.  If there is a deficit, which I do think the forecast is going be better than a negative $882, and a lot of people feel that also, but we can handle that with a budget reserve.  There is no need to go to the taxpayers of Minnesota and say you need to pony up the money so I can spend whatever I want.”


Rosen did say that, much like businesses and families across the state, the government will need to tighten its belt with this budget…Rosen Budget Feb 11 cut 2

“I’m asking all the agencies for a 5% cut on their administration and operating expenses, which I think is fair, because everybody is telecommuting from home.  But you have these leases coming up.  You have less expenses at these buildings.  We need to start looking at how we’re going to do government operations going forward. It’s just thick with administrative quagmire, and we need to start asking government to run lean and mean like a lot of businesses have been doing. I think that’s very fair.  But it is enough to just reset our government and say ‘Do things differently, be accountable, this is real money.’”


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