Sanford to offer drive thru flu shots

Wed 9-16-2020

Sanford in Jackson will start offering flu shots this week, and with a drive up clinic, they’re making it very easy to get one.  Jen Tewes explains…flu shot cut 1

“We have three of them scheduled.  Wednesday, September 16, Wednesday, September 23 and Wednesday, September 30th and from 3-5pm, we are going to do the drive up flu vaccine through our ambulance garage.”

Tewes says there is no need to schedule an appointment…Flu shot cut 2

“You can just show up.  It will be a first come-first serve basis. We should have some good signage and you can just fall in line in your vehicle and we’ll be prepared to give you that flu shot once you enter the garage.”


For those planning on taking part in the drive through, Tewes offers some pointers to make the process more efficient…Flu shot cut 3

“We do ask that you wear a face mask.  You can bring yourself and your family members but because it’s the flu shot, remember to wear a short sleeve shirt.  And if you have any little kiddo, infants or toddlers they should probably wear shorts or even their diaper just so we can get at their thighs.  We do ask that you stay in your vehicle and we’ll just bring the paperwork out to you, we’ll have some computers out in the ambulance garage, we’ll get your registration going and then we’ll have the nurses administer the flu vaccine right in your car.”


Again the drive through flu shots at Sanford are today, next Wednesday and again on the 30th.  Appointments are available for those who would prefer getting the shot in the clinic.