Round One Of Local Business Challenge Completed

Thu 1-13-2022

(Jackson)- The first round of the Jackson Business Challenge has been completed, and four applicants have made it into round two. Dave Schmidt, Economic Development Coordinator in Jackson, talked about what can be expected out of round two...


"The JBDC Jackson Business Development Corporation met last week and we reviewed all the applications and there were four that we decided to push forward and so those four now move on to round two where they have to provide a detailed business plan of how their business will work the feasibility the location all of that that's due February 4th."

The contest has been around for four years, and has brought many businesses to the area. Round two is judged by a group of local business owners, some past winners included. Schmidt says round three will be even more tight...


"The will have to do a kind of a shark tank type presentation, where they will present to the board of judges an audio visual of what their business is and from there they'll make a decision. That will end up happening around the end of February and our plan right now is to unveil our winner around March 7th."

The prize package is $20,000 worth of prizes, including equipment, rental help, advertising and more.