Riverbend Quilters Giving Away 20 Or More Quilts To Service Members At Jackson County Fair

Fri 5-20-2022

(Jackson)- Two of the Riverbend Quilters came on The Morning Juice to talk about their new program, which will see 20 quilts given to service members. Nina and Darla spoke about how they got the idea for this project...

Darla 1 

“Our family is involved, we've had several service people, and just thought it would be a good service project for the area, and we've done other quilt projects and just thought it would be a good idea to give back to the community.”

They noted a lot of support had come from the community, also saying they had a few things they were asking for from the community to help with the good will project...

Nina 1 

“One of the things we do need is we're asking for people to nominate people to receive one of these quilts. The quilts are over $200 in value and they are very nice they're all red white and blue, and so if you could give us a name of a service person you think would like to receive one, you can sure email us at and then we will put the name in a hat and we're hoping to give away at least 20 or more quilts at the Jackson County Fair on July 29th at 3 o'clock in the senior citizen building.”

They also noted that you could email them about donating either a bit of money or materials to go towards the making of the quilts, which would be very appreciated.