Rhythm of the River --- July 10th

Thu 7-8-2021

(Jackson, MN) The Rhythm of the River festival is back and will be held at Fort Belmont this Saturday. Event coordinator Anja Weets says there is no restriction on how many tickets can be sold. Weets cut 1 

"We decided with the covid restrictions loosening a little bit we are going to have tickets available at the gate but the price will increase to $25 but if you get them in advance online before Saturday they will just be $20." 


The first of 7 bands starts at 11:45. Hannah Rossow, who is also an event coordinator says there will be vendors on site as well. Rossow cut 1 


"We're gonna have food vendors, we're gonna have art vendors, we're gonna have a beverage vendor. Its just gonna be fun and then the first 49 children that come in they will get a busy bag that we're having this year that the art center is helping put together for us." 


You can still purchase tickets online at for $20 or at the door for $25.