Rep. Olson offers unique look at emergency powers

Mon 2-15-2021

The 2021 legislative session is in its second month in St. Paul and political tension remains high.  One of the primary reasons is the continued use of emergency powers by Governor Tim Walz.  A former social-studies teacher, newly elected District 23A Representative Bjorn Olson explains why emergency powers are available…

“Now that’s the purpose of emergency powers, because government is designed to move slowly. It’s designed to move slow, because it’s there to protect us, so no government should be able to take our power away from us or our freedom from us just at the snap of a finger.  That’s what it’s for.  Now the emergency powers are there because government moves so slow.  We need somebody who can instantly make the decisions that are necessary to save lives, to save property and basically to keep the government moving in a time of extreme circumstances.”


Olson outlines why he thinks it’s time for them to end…

“There are 201 individuals who were elected to be Representatives and Senators for their constituents.  Those 201 individuals can work together and make sure that our state is safe, to make sure that we are able to negotiate this time that we find ourselves in, and it shouldn’t be in the power of one man.  That one man should have the power to, in an extreme emergency, to call it for a short period of time, not 11 months.”


That was District 23A representative Bjorn Olson speaking with KKOJ News.  You can find our complete interview with Rep. Olson under the Legislative Updates tab on