Rep. Hamilton outlines challenges to current session

Sat 2-13-2021

While the 2021 legislative session may in progress, it is anything but normal in St. Paul.  State Representative Rod Hamilton points out a few challenges…Hamilton challenges cut 

“Just with the Zoom meetings and not having people at the Capital, you just don’t have, it’s the People’s House, and you just don’t have that connection as we did previously having people coming in and testifying and stuff like that, so that’s a challenge.  Another challenge that we’re running into is just the physical ability to get bills jacketed is what we call them.  That’s getting the actual language printed and delivered to us so that we can sign our names to them and subsequently get that turned into the Chief’s clerk office so that we can have a bill numbered, which refers it back to a committee and then subsequently get a committee hearing.  And we have deadlines in place, so everything’s getting backed up so there’s a number of challenges that come along with that.”


Hamilton says it’s time to get back to equal government…Hamilton equal government cut 

“We have legislators, we have election certificates and we should be able to weigh in on what’s taking place and reestablish the co-equal branches of government.  I’ve been saying that for quite a while now, and not only saying that, we have voted 11 times in the Minnesota House of Representatives, to end the longest peacetime emergency in the State’s history.  We should have input on the decisions that are being made in this state.”


That was State Representive Rod Hamilton speaking with KKOJ News.  You can hear our complete interview with Rep. Hamilton on our website at