Rep. Hagedorn encourages routine check-ups

Fri 5-22-2020

Many hospitals and medical centers in Minnesota are starting to open up for non-emergency medical procedures.  Minnesota District 1 Representative Jim Hagedorn benefited from a routine checkup over a year ago, which found his cancer early and allowed for successful treatment.  Rep. Hagedorn encourages Minnesotans to get in a get that check-up…Hagedorn appt cut

“Lots of people go in for routine visits to the doc and they say ‘Boy I’m glad you’re here today ‘cause you wouldn’t be with us tomorrow.’ You could have a blockage that needs a stent or they could have hypertension that could lead to stroke.  And Sanford Health put out that some offices are down more than 50%, vaccinations off more than 50%, and things like mammograms down almost 16% over the last couple month so I just encourage everybody to get out there and you know, get those check-up to make sure they’re ok.”


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