Presbyterian Church to close its doors.

Thu 4-22-2021

The last service for Jackson’s oldest existing church will be this Sunday. The members of the First Presbyterian church have been contemplating the decision of closing for a few years and have decided that the funds currently used on upkeep and maintenance could be used in missions to help others. Pastor Eunice Woodberry says that although closing is sad, its also an awakening.4-22-21 Woodberry Cut 1 

I look at it like Easter. Good Friday there is a death and Easter Sunday there's a resurrection and the death of a congregation but a resurrection of their resources, including their people, can bring energy to some new places."

Pastor Woodberry says its likely that First Baptist Church of Jackson will purchase the education building so it can be turned into a youth center and the other building will be turned over to the Presbyter. With the sale Pastor Woodberry says the money will allow them to help more people.4-22-21 Woodberry Cut 2 

 "what money is left has been now freed up to go to a whole list of missions, some here in Jackson and across the world."

Woodberry Cut 2   …….across the world.”

The church service will be at 9:30 this Sunday.