Prairie Winds Kite Fly Coming Up This Saturday

Fri 9-8-2023

(Jackson)- The 21st Annual Prairie Winds Kite Fly at the Jackson Airport is coming up again this Saturday, through the Prairie Ecology Bus Center. Erica Vockrodt with the group says that kites can be a huge draw for people to get involved in their list of events they'll have on the day...

kite fly 2023 1 


"So I think as a kid everybody remembers getting to fly kites and just being able to go outside and enjoy something as a family. I know many people have talked about getting kites at Easter time, being able to go out and fly so, by us utilizing one of our natural resources out in a prairie which we have an abundance of is wind, and then putting those kites up and it's just a fun day for everyone to be out and enjoy something that is free but that everyone can do."

Vockrodt says that one of the main goals of the bus center is getting kids to learn outside and to be in nature...

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"We're trying to get the kids to be outside and find what's in their own backyard and kind of connect with the environment."

The event is this Saturday from 10-4 pm at the Jackson Municipal Airport. They'll have about 20 professional kite flyers putting kites up, along with a bunch of food vendors to make it a bit of a picnic. There will be door prizes, fun evnets with kids and more.