Pennies 4 Patients Raises $2,500 This Year

Mon 5-16-2022

(Jackson)- Pennies For Patients had their fundraising at JCC area schools which ran for two weeks. The Key Club members helped the schools raise around $2,500, which is a strong showing. Last year the program raised around $3,300 but Robin Medill with the club noted that “gas and grocery prices weren't as high last year, so I feel we did great.”

All the schools were able to participate, and earned some prizes for the students. The high school and middle school will be given lunch from four food trucks that will be coming to the school, and staff will receive lunch as well. There will also be a bunch of fun activities at the high school. There will be free time at the middle school, and on Tuesday, May 17th, the Key Club members are going to Pleasantview to play with the kids, and are bringing ice cream. Those members will also be at Riverside on the 19th. Medill says it has been a great way to finish up the year!