Our Savior's Lutheran Church To Host Thanksgiving Meal For Whole Community

Wed 11-23-2022

(Jackson)- Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Jackson will be hosting a community Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and Pastor Ted Carnahan hopes people from all walks of life and all religions will come to enjoy the meal...

Carnahan 1 meal 

“That's the great thing about this meal is that it's completely free. You're absolutely welcome to attend whether you're part of Our Savior's, or part of a church or part of no church at all. The whole community is invited to come and then there's no cost whatsoever.”

Those attending can however consider donating to the Jackson Food Pantry to help those in need in the area that might not have access to food.

Carnahan says that the meal is all about community cohesion and getting people out of their homes and together to see the smiling faces of their friends and fellow community members...

Carnahan 2 meal 

“Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where we get together and if we get together in our own little silos we can get very narrow vision of what community is. This is an opportunity to spread that vision out and to be involved with other Christians from across the community and to worship God and give thanks for the gifts we've been given in this great country.”

Carnahan hopes you'll come celebrate Thanksgiving at Our Savior's Lutheran Church tomorrow at 11:30 am. There will also be a church service preceding the meal if you would like to attend, that starts at 10:30 am.