Nominees Chosen For Outstanding Senior Citizens Award

Mon 8-1-2022

(Jackson)- Some local senior citizens were recognized recently during the Jackson County Fair for their contributions to the community. First off as the female nominee for Outstanding Senior Citizen was Mavis Vanderheiden. She has worked locally her entire life, while supporting her church groups. At 50 she returned to school and got her degree to be a registered nurse. She was involved with the Heron Lake Senior Citizens Club, and has done a lot for their events. Carol Wagner spoke to Vanderheiden's worthiness to receive the award...

Carol 1 

“She is a good community person and she really cared for people and it's a great honor for me to give this to Mavis.”

Next was another award given to Ken Kruse, the president and manager at Fort Belmont. Noted as always loving history, Ken moved to Jackson in the 80's, when the fort was closed. Given an opportunity to reopen it, Kruse volunteered his time and became the manager. He put in the work to reopen and improve the fort, as well as move it to its current location near I-90.

Sharon Smith nominated Kruse, and spoke to his community importance...

Sharon 1 

“So we thank you very very much Ken, for your volunteering and I know Ken you're going to continue to do this for years to come, so thank you so much Ken.”

Both Kruse and Vanderheiden were happy for the awards, and happy that their work towards being a good citizen had not gone unnoticed.