NEWS Local Crops Expert Says We Could See Another Early Harvest This Year

Fri 8-13-2021

(Lakefield, Mn.)-- Area crops continue to make good progress toward maturity. Jim Nesseth of Extended Ag Services in Lakefield says overall things are looking pretty good even with the lack of rain most of the region has been experiencing.  8-13-21 Nesseth cut 1   

"Well most of the corn is in the milk stage yet. Some of the earlier varieties are in the dough stage, but, you know, that's moving along quite nicely and we've had pretty good pollination, pretty good, the group, on some of these ears of corn are 16, 18 rows and some tick back, you know, where it's been drier, but it looks like we've got some respectable yield potential considering, you know, the limited amount of moisture that we had. Soybeans are in that late R-4 stage. Some of the earlier beans are in the R-5 stage, so we're starting to get some good pod fill there and again, we just need some more moisture to help get some kernel depth and get some seed size on those soybeans."

Nesseth says it's adding up to what could be an early harvest again this year.  8-13-21 Nesseth cut 2  

"I think by mid-September we'll see some harvesting being done. You know, some of these fields where we've got some lodging and some standability issues because of corn rootworm, I think they'll take that corn early and I think, you know, these beans, these early beans, some of those will probably be ready by the third week of September if things keep going this way."

Nesseth says spider mites continue to cause issues in some soybean fields, mainly in the outer perimeters. He says whether or not to treat for them depends upon several factors, including what stage of maturity the soybeans are in.