New Youth Center for Jackson

Tue 8-10-2021

(Jackson) The First Baptist Church of Jackson has purchased the former Presbyterian Christian Education Building in Jackson. First Baptist Youth and Family Pastor, Thor Kurtz, says the plan is to turn the building into a youth center.  kurtz cut 1 

“It really started back in 2018 when the Lord kinda put on my heart to open up some sort of youth center or something specific to youth. A place for them to land, a place for them to gather, have fellowship, build relationships and enter into that area of our community of what can we do to get the youth together.”

Kurtz says there is definitely room for expansion when it comes to activities they will have available at the youth center.  kurtz cut 2 

“What we're gonna start off with is our Wednesday night ministires, youth ministires 6th through 12. The next roll out is actually gonna hopefully be an after school drop in program or ministry. What do the kids do after school? A place for them to gather and hang out from 4 to 6 or 3 to 5, something along those edges. We're still working out the details but finding a place or a time for them to come and gather. Have things, extracurricular activities even potentially tutoring or other things that they may enjoy and really use the building to its capacity.”

The building will be undergoing renovations but the ministry will start at the beginning of the school year. The new youth center will be named the Sheldon Jackson Outreach Center.