New Scam in the Area

Wed 4-14-2021

Scammers are now using stolen identity information, which they can obtain when bigger stores have a data breach that involve millions of people, to try to cash in on the extra unemployment benefits that are part of the COVD-19 crisis. Jackson County Sheriff Shawn Haken says this scam is different from others.  Haken Cut 1

"this one is different though because they've obtained your information, they've got it and they've used your name and address and what not to apply for unemployment basically because of all this cares money that is floatin around."

Sheriff Haken says they want to know if people in the area are receiving scams. Haken cut 2 

"and we do like to know what type  of scams are in the area because these do seem to kind of go in phases or trends, you know where we'll go for a week or two with a certain type of a scam call being placed in our area so yeah we definately like to know"

Sheriff Haken says if you receive a letter about qualifying for unemployment benefits and you know you did not apply for benefits, you or your employer should file a report with the MN Unemployment Insurance website using their online fraud form, monitor your credit cards and credit report, alert your bank so they can monitor your accounts, consider changing passwords on your email, banking and other personal accounts and report it to your local Sheriff’s office or Police Department.