New Grand Theatre Opens In Worthington

Wed 5-11-2022

(Worthington)- There's a new theater in Worthington, and Todd Frager, the theater's president, had good things to say about the project from its inception when the Northland mall closed...

Frager 1 

“When the mall closed, seven years ago it's been now, we've been working on a theater project in Worthington ever since. It's very difficult to open a new building in a small town like Worthington. The city got very involved and they really wanted a theater in the community and they worked with us and they built the building and we're leasing it from the city.”

Frager says the theater did well in Worthington back in the day when they operated it, even when the mall was in “pretty rough shape.” He says the theater was somewhat of a landmark and a piece of the identity within Worthington. One of the things that the theater will have is a state of the art theater, and Frager gives us more...

Frager 2 

“One of the things that Worthington is gonna have, the state of the art theater, which is the digital cinema, the five seven channels stereo the luxury recliners, stadium seating, it's something that a lot of small towns haven't had yet, y'know I'm sure its gonna happen for a lot of communities, but Worthington is gonna be one of the few small towns that has a full luxury cinema just like you'd see in some of the larger metro areas.”

Frager says the cinema is fully stocked with all the traditional necessities like popcorn, pop and candy, and their headline movie right now is “Dr. Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness” which is also the first movie to premier in the new building. For more information check out the New Grand Theatre on Facebook.