New Administrator Hired in Jackson County

Tue 5-18-2021

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners met in their regular meeting today and approved the hiring of Ryan Krosch as the new Jackson County Administrator. Commissioner Scott Mclure made the motion to approve moving forward and Commssioner Don Wachal seconded the motion. When asked for discussion Commissioner of District 4, Phil Nasby made a comment. Nasby on Administrator (1) 


"I just wanna make a comment, I'm not that excited, I hope its going to be the right decision but I still have reservation." 


The board voted 4 to 1 to approve the new hire with commissioner Nasby the only no vote. Krosch most recently served as the County Administrator for Nicollet County, where he was employed for over eight years. Prior to that, he served as the County Administrator for nearly seven years for Yellow Medicine County. He has also served as the Community & Economic Development Director for the Upper Minnesota Valley Regional Development Commission and as the Community Development Planner for the Mid-Minnesota Development Commission. Krosch holds a bachelor’s degree in Local and Urban Planning and will begin his new position on June 7th.