Nesseth Says Moisture Shows Good Signs For Next Spring

Wed 11-24-2021

(Lakefield, Mn.)-- Farmers have a lot to be thankful for as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday. Jim Nesseth of Extended Ag Services in Lakefield says not only did yields come in higher than expected, the mild fall has allowed producers to get a lot of field work done, even in late November... 

Jim Nesseth Story 12/24/21 

“You know we've got most of the crop out there's just an occasional bean or corn field that's left but its pretty isolated and its probably due to some breakdown or extremely wet soil conditions, so most of the tillage is done and we've got some producers mainly bailing some cornstalks yet that are for some some of our livestock producers. There's a little bit of anhydrous and fertilizer being applied and of course a lot of tiling being done but we've had ample time to get a lot of this crop out. The fields are working up good with this fall tillage. The greatest thing that's happened we've basically just recharged our subsoil moisture we're now above the historic averages there I think we're over six foot at that ten foot depth level. The tile is running and so we're really set up for a good spring and a year where we can next year really start out with a good yield potential.”

Nesseth says it's one less thing producers have to worry as they deal with rising input costs.