National Weather Service Says There's Another Warm Week Ahead

Mon 2-5-2024

(Jackson)- The National Weather Service says, once again, we have a warm week ahead, with highs in some cases 20 degrees over the normal high temperatures this time of year. Today we have temperatures possibly up to the lower 50s, tomorrow we could scrape the 60s with those temperatures potentially dipping into the 60s for the first time this year on Wednesday, then cooling off slightly between Thursday and Saturday. 

Some precipitation is possible, mostly to the west of our area, later in the week, but that is likely to arrive in rain rather than snow due to high temperatures. 

Along with high temperatures and low precipitation came a new drought monitor update for Minnesota. According to the monitor, at least in the last few weeks, drought has been getting even further lessened, with Murray and Nobles counties to our west nearly entirely out of drought. Jackson and Martin counties have been, at least over this cold season, free of drought so far.