MN DNR Conservation Officer Mike Gruhlke on 4th of July

Thu 7-8-2021

The 4th of July weekend was a busy one on area lakes. MN DNR Conservation officer Mike Gruhlke says overall the weekend went well. Gruhlke cut 1 


"You know there were a lot of folks out. The water certainly drew people and can understand why not being outside for very few minutes and the heat would get to you and the best place to find respite for that was either inside with the air conditioning or out on the water."


There were a lot of kayaks and paddle boards on the lake over the weekend and Gruhlke says people need to be aware that a personal flotation device is still required. Gruhlke cut 2 


"Whether its a paddle board, kayak, canoe there needs to be a wearable on board that is the size for the intended wearer. So we've covered that and just so folks understand they do need to have one of them, even if their only just a few feet off the end of the dock because they can sometimes find themselves out further." 


Go to for a guide on rules to follow while out on the water.