MN Conservation reminds boaters to follow PFD regulations

Fri 5-22-2020

With a long weekend for many people, the Memorial Day weekend is seen as the unofficial start to summer.  That means an increase in outdoor activities, which include boating.  Jackson County Conservation Officer Mike Gruhlke reminds boaters to make sure they have the appropriate safety equipment…Gruhlke PFD Cut

“Probably the #1 issue that folks should take a look at is PFD’s, or Personal Floatation Devices or life jackets.  Those that are less than 10 years old are required to wear a life jacket, and 10 years old and above a jacket needs to be the size of the intended wearer needs to be available onboard, and any boat that are 16 feet or longer also need to have a throwable device on board should they need that”.


That was Jackson County Conservation Officer Mike Gruhlke, speaking with KKOJ news.