Minnesota House Passes $1.9 Billion Investment Bill

Tue 3-7-2023

(St. Paul)- The Minnesota House has recently approved $1.9 billion in local jobs and projects capital investment, the legislation is split between a bonding bill and a cash bill, both of which can be used by local organizations for project funding, and it finally gives some funding after a deadlock during the last legislative session...


The work of a bipartisan infrastructure bill never stopped, and today we are one step closer to delivering on the investments communities across the state have been urgently waiting for, these investments take care of what we already have while lifting up communities too often left behind when it comes to capital investment. Whether it’s a road they’ll drive on, water they’ll drink, a college they’ll attend, a trail they’ll walk, or a home they’ll live in - this bill isn’t just for today’s Minnesotans, but tomorrow’s. It’s time to pass the business of 2022 so we can move onto the work of 2023.”

House File 670’s cash-funded projects include investments to protect communities from flooding, create safer nonmotorized transportation options, provide clean water, expand local recreational opportunities, modernize healthcare facilities, ensure safe shelter for youth, and increase educational and job training opportunities, among other things. It also includes numerous investments in BIPOC-led nonprofits that provide essential community services.