Minnesota Department of Health Launches New Immunization App

Wed 9-29-2021

(Jackson) The Minnesota Department of Health launched a new app that gives Minnesotans faster access to their immunization records. Des Moines Valley Health and Human Services Health Educator Angela Naumann (pronounced NEWMAN), says the app provides a secure, digital option to get their records.  Naumann on new app 


“Sometimes folks have trouble getting it in a timely manner. So MDH has launched an app called docket, d-o-c-k-e-t, and that's an app that provides a secure digital option for Minnesotans to view and keep track of immunizations that they've received or ones that might be coming up that they are due for.”


Minnesotans can now easily access their immunization record through their smartphones or other mobile devices by using the Docket app. Minnesota also has an immunization information system otherwise known as MIIC which combines all immunizations into one record. Anyone who has a MIIC record can use the docket app to access their records, including their COVID-19 vaccination. The app is free and available for download in Apple and Android app stores. Anyone who wants or needs access to their immunization record and does hot have a smartphone or does not want to use the app can still request their record from MDH or their health care provider.