Midwest At Elevated Risk For Rolling Blackouts This Summer

Wed 5-24-2023

(Undated)- Most of the Midwest is at an elevated risk for rolling blackouts this summer, with the entirety of Minnesota and most of the surrounding states also at a risk. The North American Electric Reliability Corporation creates a map every year of the USA and Canada as it pertains to blackout dangers, on a scale of low, elevated, and high. Elevated on the map shows a potential for insufficient operating reserves in above-normal conditions, so high temperature days with lots of air conditioners running could cause the reserves to get low.

Despite that, there are no regions with a high risk, it really depends on the weather, and new advances and deployment of wind and solar resources are said to have a good impact on keeping those high risk areas in check. Extreme heat or other summer storms could cause a strain, but the NERC says the risk is no longer high.