MCW Agriculture Department awarded a grant from Cargill Inc

Fri 6-4-2021

Cargill Inc has a program called Cargill Cares which provides support for local charitable and civic organizations and programs such as food relief agencies, school and youth programs, and local environmental projects. The Martin County West Agricultural Education Department was a awarded a 25,000 grant from Cargill Cares. Agricultural instructor, Steph Wohlhuter says the money will be put to good use to upgrade their food sciences room which they use for their food science program. Wohlhuter on grant cut 1 

"That room hasn't been updated since about 1988 and so we are going to have all the cabinets repainted, new countertops installed, new sinks and faucets and all new appliances in the room."

Wohlhuter explains the food science program. Wohlhuter on grant cut 3 

"We're looking at why things work the way do in recipes so understanding if we're adding only an egg white into a recipe why are we doing that. Why are we not adding the whole egg, what makes the difference. So we look at a lot of those kinds of things but we also look at nutrition labeling. How to determine all of that, how to figure out the most effective packaging, how to advertise for the food, how to come up with new product ideas and move it all the way through the whole process and so its a lot different. We're able to be in the kitchen quite a bit but we are not necessarily learning the basic cooking skills that students would in a family and consumer science class." 

Wohlhuter says the students are excited and are having fun cleaning out the room getting it ready for its facelift. Wohlhuter on grant cut 2 

"The kids are excited about it. They're helping me right now this week pack everything up. We gotta empty out every cabinet and we're finding some, I would say some antiques that were hiding back in some cupboards that we hadn't seen so there's some interesting things and its been kind of a fun week with the kids." 

The project will be done by local contractors over the summer so the room is ready for students in the fall.