Maxine Garber Found Alive After More Than 24 Hours Lost

Mon 9-11-2023

(Jackson)- As a welcome ending to a potentially sad story, an 84 year old woman who had been missing since Thursday night at 8:30 pm was found alive on Saturday, sighted walking in a soybean field north of I-90. After search parties were called to look around houses, in backyards, and in public areas, K-9 units were reportedly on the scene and even drones were utilized as well as many prayer shared, and she was found near Burger King in the aforementioned field.

Authorities then transported her to the hospital for any evaluations and medical attention if needed, but the news of Maxine Garber being alive after more than 24 hours since being reported missing was good news for the family and community both.

Community meetings during Friday and Saturday assisted in the search, with canine units working throughout town and especially on trails and the disc golf course. Pizza ranch donated lunch to the search groups at Minnesota West College as well. Hundreds of people engaged in the search along with law enforcement, which helped bring a happy conclusion to the story.