Martin County West Hires New Superintendent

Tue 6-29-2021

(Sherburn) Cori Reynolds has been hired as the new Superintendent at Martin County West. Reynolds has been in education for over 17 years and has a strong background in early childhood education.

First year school board member Darren Thate says Reynolds credentials for the position are strong.

 Thate Cut 1 

"Her ability to work with little kids, she has a very good background in the ECFE and younger kid program and we really thought she would appeal well and communicate well with the public. Those are the main reasons. We think she is very very talented and she has taken an unorthodox approach to get where she is now." 

Reynolds most recent position was with Brainerd Public Schools as the Director of Community Education and Communications. She started there in 2014. Before that she was in Foley, MN where she was the Director of Community Education and Gifted/talented from 2011 to 2014. Prior to moving into administrative roles she worked in Community Education in the Twin Cities metro area. Reynolds says her first goal is to sit down with the staff and process what they went through in the last year. Reynolds Cut 1 

"I know what its meant where I've come from and I feel like everyone in education and really everywhere, we've been through some stuff. We have seen some stuff and I think its really important that we take a pause and just think through during this whole pandemic, what worked for students and which students, and what didn't work for students and which students it didn't work for. Just kind of process what we've learned and what we've been through so that if we learned really great ways to serve learners better and more efficiently, more effectively let's keep doing that. And if we learned that there were some things we were doing that weren't working and now we have a new way let's do those things. That's really one of my big goals, even before school starts, is to meet with the staff, listen to what they've been through and what they've learned and talk it through and let those lessons inform how we go forward." 

Reynolds grew up on the south side of Minneapolis and graduated from Washburn High School. She went to college at North Park University in Chicago and graduate school at the University of MN. She recently obtained her superintendent license from St. Cloud State University.