March weather returns to warmer, drier conditions

Fri 4-2-2021

After a one month stint of bitter cold temperatures, the area’s weather in March returned to the milder streak we had been enjoying.

Average high temperature for the month was 48.4 degrees, almost 8 degrees warmer than the average of 40.84, and over 30 degrees warmer than the average high last month.  The average low was 31.32 degrees, almost 9 degrees warmer than average and over 20 degrees warmer than February.

The highest temperature was 74 degrees, which we hit on the 29th.  The low for the month was 17 which we hit on the 31st.

There were 6 days with measurable precipitation for the month, totaling .92 inches, well below the average of 2.08.  The average snowfall in March is just over 9 inches.  We received just 4 this month.