Local Fisherman In Fairmont Falls Through Ice, Saved By Fellow Fishermen

Mon 1-10-2022

(Fairmont)- Talking about ice and safety is a big part of winter activities. On Saturday, a fisherman was traveling across Hall Lake on his ATV when he hit an open stretch of water. Other local fishermen helped the man out of the water and got him to the shore, with the ATV floating and later being removed by the Fairmont Fire Department and local fishermen. 

Jeff Markquart, Martin County Sheriff, said there were no injuries and he was happy to report that even the ATV will likely make a full recovery. He also noted that shorelines, places where migrating birds have recently settled in water and places of flow can weaken ice a lot. Where you might be fishing could have 14 inches of ice, but those mentioned places could have very thin ice or even be open.

Whether it's geese or water flow, even in sub-zero temperatures there can be open spots in the ice, and local DNR and police urge everyone to be careful when you're engaging in your winter activities.