List Of Damage In Jackson From Wednesday's Storm

Thu 5-12-2022

(Jackson)- There was a large storm last night on Wednesday throughout the region, and in multiple states. Here in Jackson a list from the Jackson Sheriff Office was shared of the damages in the area due to the heavy winds, rain, and wall clouds.

Trees down:

  • US 71 about 4 miles south of Jackson a tree blew across one lane of traffic.  The nearby homeowner used his own tractor to remove it from the roadway

  • Petersburg area:  flash flooding/water across Petersburg Road and a tree down on the road

  • Jackson:  a tree blocking the entire roadway at South Hwy and Hilltop; another tree down on Park St/Bailey

Flash Flooding:

  • Flash flooding in downtown Jackson around the Pizza Ranch

  • Lakefield:  flash flooding in the Hwy 86 construction project near 3rd Ave; sewer backup in a residence

A wall cloud was observed by an off duty deputy west of Jackson.  Another citizen reported of a funnel outside of Lakefield.  


The Jackson County Sheriff's Office helped with rerouting traffic around the fatal accident on I-90 near Worthington.  Traffic was routed onto CR 34 while Troopers and DOT cleared I-90 at that accident scene involving power lines down and across I-90.

No confirmed reports of a touchdown in Jackson County.