Law Enforcement Scholarship Program for 2021 is Open for Applicants

Wed 9-22-2021

(Jackson) Jackson County Sheriff Shawn Haken has been heavily involved with the Law Enforcement Scholarship Program for a number of years. This year he says the amount of the scholarship has increased.   haken cut 1 

“We were able to scrounge up a little more and bump it up to $2000. You know $600 is still $600 but boy $2000 that can make a difference for a student no doubt. So we're pretty excited about that.”

Sheriff Haken says the state and the country is finding it difficult to recruit younger people into the profession but he still encourages people become an officer.  Haken cut 2 

 “By all means don't rule out law enforcement. You truly can make a difference in people's lives. The impact you can have is just incredible.” If you would like more information on the scholarship program you can contact the Jackson County Sheriff's office, or your respective counties Sheriff office.