Jennifer Carnahan Comes On The Morning Juice To Talk About Special Election May 24th

Fri 5-6-2022

(Undated)- Jennifer Carnahan is one of the candidates running for the 1st Congressional District seat here in Minnesota after the recent passing of Jim Hagedorn. The special election takes place on May 24th, and every vote matters. Carnahan came on The Morning Juice to talk about the election, and her husband Jim Hagedorn...

carnahan 1 

“I was the former chairwoman for the Republican Party of Minnesota, and he was running for congress at the time and what brought us together is that we wanted to fight to keep the district strong, the state strong, prevent the country from moving further to the left as we've seen over time, and so when my husband passed it was important to him that I carry his legacy forward and complete the great work that had brought us together and united us that we started on from the beginning.”

Carnahan was abandoned by her parents behind a hospital in South Korea, and five months later she says she was adopted and that's when she says she became “a proud Minnesotan and a proud American citizen.” She also spoke about her background in business and how those skills translated to politics...

carnahan 2 

“The foundations of my business background not only working in the private sector in corporate America, but also becoming a small business owner myself with a small business owner myself with a small women's boutique on main street (Minneapolis), has really given me the experience to understand how business impacts everyone. Families, small businesses, mid-size businesses and large corporations, and how important it is that when we have an economy that removes regulations and creates opportunities where businesses are able to hire more people, expand, grow, innovate, that's always going to be a good thing for our country for our state and for our local communities.”

Last, she talked a lot about how she would be supporting her constituents back here in southern Minnesota, while at Washington D.C...

carnahan 3 

“Here in southern Minnesota I think two really important areas in our district are our agriculture community, and also our small businesses, and then healthcare with the Mayo Clinic being in our district, and so bieng able to cut regulations and tax burdens to ensure that our small businesses can continue to prosper is important. Standing and fighting for our farmers so that they can remain strong and continue their work is also important.

That special election is May 24th and you may have already received your mail in ballots. There will also be locations to vote in person, which will be shared once they are determined.