Jackson Pool Task Force Meeting Sees Work Moving Forward

Tue 5-23-2023

(Jackson)- The Jackson Pool Task Force going over options on the Jackson Pool discussed topics on May 18th, and made some determinations on how the pool should go forward. They first reviewed the goals and recommendations from the school, public and city. In relation to those, it was decided a more concrete project scope with a refined cost was needed to see if funding would be adequate.

They next spoke about project funding in detail from both the city and school district, including the use of the school district's maintenance levy authority for HVAC equipment, and the city's ability to issue bonds through a referendum. Talking to the state legislature was also discussed.

Lastly the group talked about the authorization of a second facility evaluation, which has been brought up by the City of Jackson as well. Jackson County Central indicated that it would discuss participating in the cost of that study at their next meeting. The group also determined that the next time they would meet is after that second facility evaluation, so more concrete plans and costs could be shared.