Jackson Fire Dept contains fire at Jackson Feed

Wed 6-24-2020

The Jackson Fire Department was called to a tank fire yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon at Jackson Feed on Industrial Drive in Jackson.

A tank containing pig fat was being cleaned out and they turned on the agitator to remove the remaining fat in the tank when some it splashed on the heating element which started the fire.  Jackson Fire Chief Dave Bond says they were able to take care of the fire quickly…Bond Jackson Feed fire cut 1 

 “So we were able to knock the fire out fairly quickly and then with the help of REA bringing a bucket truck so we could get to the top of the tank and get the insulation pulled off, finish knocking out the fire and cooling the tank down for them.  That was basically about it.  Pretty easy to get it knocked down and it just was more cooling down hotspots and the insulation.”


Damage was limited to only the one tank…Bond Jackson Feed fire cut 2 

“Yeah, everything actually went really well.  We had no other damage, there was no other buildings damaged.  They have grain bins next to the tank that was on fire and there was no damage to anything else.  It was all isolated to the one tank.”


Bond gives a huge Thank You to Federated REA…Bond Jackson Feed fire cut 3 

“I’d like to send out a huge thank you for REA and bringing the truck up for us to let us use that.  That was huge on their part to help us out and I just want to say thank you to them.”


Firefighters were on the scene for about an hour.