Jackson fall city wide clean-up nears

Mon 9-14-2020

City-wide clean-up is coming up in Jackson.  City Administrator Matt Skaret has the details…Fall Clean up cut 1

“City-wide clean-up is indeed on.  We’ve got the west side of town, west of 71 slated for Saturday, September 26th, and the east side of town, east of Highway 71 will be on Saturday, October 3rd.  And a just a refresher, items to be picked up at no extra charge are regular household goods, carpet, mattresses, furniture.  No appliances.  And also things like trees, building materials, you can’t put that out.”


Skaret reminds residents that there is a place they can take yard waste…Fall Clean up cut 2

“We always have the green waste site out at the end of Riverside Drive on the northwest side of Jackson for your trees, and branches and grass clippings and such.”


Skaret anticipates another successful clean-up…Fall Clean up cut 3

“It was really popular this spring with people staying at home more because of the COVID, there was a lot of extra cleaning and household projects so it was really popular this spring and we’re anticipating another success here this fall.”


Again city wide clean-up is coming up in Jackson.  Residents west of Highway 71 will have pick-up on Saturday, September 26 with residents east of 71 to be on Saturday, October 3.